[Declined] Melt - Fire Mage
Personal Information

Name: Firas


Nationality: British

Battletag: Fizz#2426

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I live and work as doctor (heart specialist) in the UK. I use games to try and immerse myself in something a bit more relaxing than my job! Been playing WoW since vanilla with breaks here and there. I enjoy playing football and love cars and going on track days.

Character Information

Name: Melt

Class: Mage

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tw...elt/simple

Mainspec: Fire

Offspec: Arcane

Why do you play this class and role?

Mage was my first class in vanilla. I have had a lot of alts but when legion came I decided to go back to my roots. I think mages look cool, do a lot of damage, have great utility and can bring a lot to a raid. It also brings back some nostalgic memories!


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:

I raided mostly in TBC with a group of friends. We set up a guild from scratch and progressed well. I was playing warrior at the time and was the main tank for the guild. I led a lot of raids and found this period in WoW the most enjoyable. I focused on PvP since then but have come back to PvE for legion.

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?

I feel I am reliable and will do what is needed, when its needed. I am punctual and helpful when possible. I like to keep things calm and happy and will contribute via teamspeak etc. I am keen to learn about raid encounters and make sure tactics are clear and I want to continue to learn and perfect my class. I would also like to get to know people and just generally have fun when not raiding.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?

I like to read guides/watch videos on the pros and cons of different talents etc. I bring flasks / food and anything that could help me max my characters potential. I practice rotation and bursts when possible. Reading forums of other players experiences also helps me to stay up to date with trends and changes in character dynamics.


Do you have a functioning microphone? Yes

Are you familiar using Teamspeak? Yes

Why do you wish to join Aetherium?

When I was playing with a group of regular people and friends, it made WoW so much more enjouyable. As I mentioned earlier, the period of raiding with friends was the best times I've had. I'd like to try and get that feeling back and make some more fun memories. Progressing and getting better is also when I'm looking for, but getting there is 90% of the fun.

How did you come across our Guild?

WoW forums
Very nice read!
Hey Melt,

A fellow fire mage here! I was looking at your armory a bit and I was wondering if you could give a little insight as what criterea you use when you pick your items to wear. We are gearing a bit different was just wondering what your thoughts are on gearing fire mages in general.

Thanks in advance and good luck with the application!


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your responses.

My criteria to start with was to gain as high an item level as possible to allow me to enter mythics etc and gain better gear. I do favour critical strike first as its so integral to how a fire mage plays and am replacing gear with equal or better gear with critical strike. I was down to 35% crit at one point which did not play well at all.

Recently I have been swapping gear out with equivalent or better critical strike gear as long as its not a dramatic reduction in iLVL. This is helping a lot and there is a very noticeable difference! After crit, I'm trying to get a decent balance of mastery and versatility. I feel haste is not as useful.

Quote:Recently I have been swapping gear out with equivalent or better critical strike gear as long as its not a dramatic reduction in iLVL

Are you aware of the fact that critical strike is almost always better than ilvl? For example, an ilvl 860 chest with no crit is worse than an ilvl 840 chest with crit.
[Image: VYWPRir.gif]
As I mentioned I have realised this recently and am going for more crit which is helping. I learnt this by picking higher I-level gear with less crit vs. lower I-level gear with more crit and testing it out in dungeons with DPS comparison.
[color color=red]Declined[/color]. Current gear doesn't really match what we are looking for, namely a massive lack of crit.
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