[Accepted] Kydis - Warrior
Personal Information

Name: Dean

Age: 25

Nationality: Scottish

Battletag: deancwb#1155

Tell us a little bit about yourself - Been playing wow since Vanilla took a break between Cata and WoD, you know real life n stuff... Studying to be an Engineer in my 2nd year of 4. Relaxed guy that enjoys gaming not just WoW loads of others too.

Character Information

Name: Kydis

Class: Warrior

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ou...dis/simple

Mainspec: Fury

Offspec: Prot

Why do you play this class and role? Played ranged for most of WoW and fancied a change, have always had a melee alt that tanks for dungeons and just fancied changing to it when Legion came out. I made a conscious decision during the ramp up to legion to pick a class that would be useful and actually needed and that pretty much led me to warrior


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:

WotLK - Full raids during expansion, server 1st whole way through.
Cata- Again all raids at server first.

Didn't raid during Pandas however i did raid Warlords since last year all bosses across multiple characters up to heroic

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team? Chilled guy that loves theory crafting and being the best i can be. Due to me playing for years i generally know my stuff and get along with people with ease. I don't cut corners and expect to be carried, i do the work i have to to get to where i need to be!

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities? Regular checks of theory crafting sites and testing through simcraft and others. Always go on to get the "must do's" out of the way to make sure i don't fall behind!


Do you have a functioning microphone? yes hyper x's (Csgo player Tongue)

Are you familiar using Teamspeak? Very

Why do you wish to join Aetherium? Looking for a guild that doesn't take it to hardcore due to real life commitments, would love to raid in a guild setting again and generally have team mates that will do runs of dungeons etc too. Friends of mine have also applied and suggest i do so also.

How did you come across our Guild? Friends that have applied.
Hey there Kydis, we'd like to have a chat with your friends and yourself on teamspeak. Could you guys get back to me with a convenient time?
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Will give them a shout as soon as. Won't be a problem will contact you ingame or on here which ever is more convenient.
Btw your armory link doesn't seem to be working.
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I think it's because i server transferred it seems to have broken it.
[color color=green]Accepted[/color]
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