[Declined] Priest
Personal Information

Name: Maximilian (shortly Max)

Age: 28

Nationality: german

About myself (as a World of Warcraft player):
I am currently studying IT-Business (don't realy know the exact translation). I am playing World of Warcraft since Mai 2005. I played every raiding content so far more or less progress oriented, depends on my own activity over the years. I made some rare pauses to the game for multiple reasons. I always played Healing-Classes as my Main-Charackters. The most time I played on Restoration-Shaman and Priest except MoP, here I mainly played Mage (having Heal Priest/Shaman as alts).

At the moment I am an active player and I am part of an World Top 300 raiding-Guild (currently not in the active Raid-Roster). What I am mostly looking for is a Guild with nice and fun people and interessts in Raiding and Mythic+ Dungeons. In my current Guild as a community-Member I am happy so far but I would like to improve my Game-Experience by beeing an active Raid-Healer, if not now than at the latest with the Launch of Battle for Azeroth. The reason I am leaving my current Guild is that Priests in their Raiding-Roster are to much, they even have more then needed Priests in their alt-roster and therefore it seems i would never have a real chance to become an active Raid-Healer in their roster. I would like to join you and make great connection to your community by using my Charackter boost instead of immediatly transfer my current Main-Priest. So more or less I apply for the Future of your Roster.

Charackter Information (Current Main)

Name: Qyzme

Class: Priest

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/charac...oore/qyzme

Mainspec (artifact traits): Discipline (75)

Offspec (artifact traits): Shadow (75), Holy (74)

Why do I play my Class and Role:
This is verry easy to be explained. I love the Discipline-Playstyle the most in the Game. Discipline-Priests are an rare specilization what makes it even more interessting. I have always the feeling as Discipline-Priest that I can handle situations verry well but always could improve my skills. I also love that Discs are more an pre-active Healer instead of reactive. The more I know about the environment the better I can use my abilities and skills to keep the Raid or Dungeon-Party alive, what makes the Class even more interessting. Their is no other Class or Specc around yet, i feel so in love with it.

The reason behind my talent-choices:
Well in armory you would mostly see my go for Talents for Mythic+ or Soloing through World-Quests. Talent choices as Discipline-Priest highly depend on the Encounter and the Role I have to fill. Discpline Priest can be verry efficient in Burst-Healing Situations for the whole raid, preventing crucial Raid-Wide Damage and also he can be an Overall raid-wide heal support or if the Encounter is going to splitt the Raid into smaller Groups he could be a great Healer aswell. For every of those situations I need to change my Talents in order to bring the best performance. That also means that you wouldnt see me always as the #1 Healer in numbers, but #1 numbers doesn't even kill the Boss. 


Well i don't realy know what to say about my raiding-experience, so I will talk a little bit about my experience in Legion.

As I started raiding in a progress oriented Guild as Discipline-Priest imediatly after launch, I didn't make great experience with the World of Warcraft Community. Most Raid-Leads didn't realy know how the Disc-Priest works as Healer an by that I always have been out-of-mana after my Bursting-Phase and got no regeneration support by the Raid, therefore my numbers in overall healing always have been bad. After some troubles here and there and switching arround Classes (Restoration Shaman/Demonhunter Tank/DD) I finaly switched back to my Discipline-Priest and never expect to change it again.
The overall experience I made in Legion specifically in Raids is that the most "mid-progress" raids haven't the same motivation as I have. Therefore, they don't be arround punctual or aren't prepared enough ''missing flasks/food/etc.''. And last but not least, the Raid-Leads I met so far haven't been open in anyway to criticism or ideas, what makes raiding verry painful tbh. I by myself, always be happy about criticism or ideas how to improve my skills and the progress for my team. For me, criticism is a verry great tool to improve. At the End I made it to my current Guild as a Community-Member and stoped real progress-oriented raiding.

To ensure I play my Class to the full extent of its capabilities: Love, Discipline and the will to always improve! Reading guide's, looking streams, evaluate other Disc-Priests combatlogs. I use everything I can get to improve my skills.

In my overall career I made loads of experience with high-end content raiding, benching, line-ups and rosters and i feel verry familiar with how it works. I don't mind beeing on the bench sometimes, cause every encounter could need a different line-up where my class/spec doesn't fit well, better for the Raid is also better for me!

If I am not wrong those are my current logs (they are not great tbh, I know that) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/ch...890/latest
The reason they aren't great, I realy didn't put any work in them or care about them as a Community-Member. At least my experience with logs is, most of the people or wanna be raid-leads: they're looking for rankings, end of story.
Those for EN: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/ch...metric=hps
Hopefuly you can see everything in the links above.


Sure I have a functionning Microphone, how should I VoIP with people if I wouldn't have? Angel Big Grin 
Yes I am familiar with Teamspeak and Discord or what ever you prefer to use.

The most interesting question: Why do I want to join Aetherium.
I've already written a lot, taking a lot of time, I'll try to keep it short. Your self-presentation giving me the feeling you are not only interested in that one Pro-Player that offers your further progress the most value. You're also looking for Great and Nice People to play and Enjoy the, if they are further more a great valuable player for your Roster its nearly perfect for that what you seek for. Also for me as a german, i can improve my english a lot with you. (I played LoL in a Scottisch/Englisch Team, so I guess communication wouldn't be a crucial problem).
I came across your guild by using wowprogress.com.

Selling myself! Big Grin

I am dedicated to my class, disciplined and focused. I always want to improve to bring the best value to my Team. You can always count on me!
With me I bring a greatious great ball of fire, to have fun and dance arround it Big Grin
I have an respectful attitude and always be friendly to everyone, even if its the worst player in the world, I don't care the skiils, I care the person!
I bring a lot of fun and harmonie to your community and an always motivated and disciplined Teamplayer!

Thank you for taking time to read my application, hopefuly it isnt the worst english you have ever read and everything is clear and understandable to you.
Best Regards
Hi there, thanks for your application. We're not really looking for someone that is going to character boost. We're looking for someone that can progress Mythic with us right now.

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well i'm fine with it and don't get me wrong, but why is boosting a class/spec i currently play nothing you can accept? Just to quote what i found on wowprogress:
Having gear and experience relevant to our current progression is prefered but is by no means a necessity.

We're always on the lookout for motivated and dedicated players, regardless of your gear, class or role.

As mentioned before, we're always on the lookout for motivated and dedicated players, regardless of your gear, class or role, this also extends to social players.

You'd like to become a part of our guild, but don't necessarily want to raid? You're still very welcome to join us and become a part of our growing guild community.

Why do you tell people this on wowprogress if you dont take it serious? didn't i mentioned clearly i look for a community to raid in the next addon with?
You applied as a raider. You did not specifically apply as a social in your application. Either way we're currently not interested in recruiting someone for a raid spot in the next expansion.

Additionally stating that we're on the lookout for dedicated and motivated players doesn't mean that everyone is automatically accepted.
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