[Declined] Holy/Shadow Priest

Personal Information

Name: Danijel

Age: 31

Nationality: Croatia

Battletag: Gazo#2602

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do etc.

31 old guy living and working in UK atm, love to play games (not just wow), i love motorcycle all kinds Big Grin
Many years in breakdancing community, dancing is my passion... Thats about it in short.

Character Information

Name: Karazorel

Class: Priest

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/the-maelstrom/karazorel

Mainspec (artifact traits): 75

Offspec (artifact traits): 75

Why do you play this class and role?

I just love priest, playing it from end of TBC. My role was always healing i dont know why but healing is my way of playing in raid, but atm im shadow main with good holy gear ready for anything
I want to get back on track and be healer main again.

Explain your reasoning behind your character choices (why did you pick your current talents and what gearing/stat priority do you go for)
Lets start with talents what i use:
Enlightenment is way to go atm, little boost to get extra mana back is good.

Angelic Feather good mobility talent for myself and others

After life if i die i go in style for everyone to see me xD im jk, good talent idd if u die and need to pull that extra few sec and healing. 

Im useing mostly Light of the Naaru to get faster to my holy word spells, Symbole of Hope could be used in some situation when we need spam a lot for free
its long cd... light of the naaru is way to go

Piety again way to go talent, reducing PoM what i use on cd and reduce HW:S ... other 2 cant play against this one

Divinity 15% increase healing, very easy to trigger it. Best talent by far in this tier

Benediction i take it beause its passive use is very good, and considering im casting PoM all the time. Best way to go

I have 2 set lets say, one is pure t21 what is my best ilvl and other what is best to use atm is 4 piece t20 with 2 piece tier21.
So why i use this 4+2, because its much better bonus set and until i got some higher ilvl t21 this is way to go.

Im trying to put my mastery around 45% then i go haste a bit from 15% to 20% then all crit.
Atm i have with full t21 M 48% H 18% C 38%
and with other set M 48% H 18% C 34% ... almost the same
I didnt mention my intelect like main thing


Give us some examples of how your class and/or talent choices makes you more valuable on specific encounters.

I would say we are realy good healers (strong ones) on aoe fight with not many moving, yeah we dont have so much moving spells but again we have few instant heals.
Encounters with constant dmg on all players is good for holy priest, jumping PoM and lots of aoe healings is good to keep raid steady.
I would say, every encounter is one way good for holy priest, like i said speciality aoe fights!


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:

I have lot of exp in raiding over many years i play i will just mention current expansion before any new raid out/patch:
Emerald Nightmare Mythic 7/7
Trail of Valor Mythic 1/3
Nighthold Mythic 8/10
Tomb Mythic 5/9 (our guild went into troubles, what ended guild)
Antorus Mythic 4/11

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?
i know how to listen others and will always take negative and possitive feedback from ppl,
healping guild to keep up killing bosses with my healing is nice,

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?
Mostly threads and forums around, watching videos, reading guides and eventualy speaking with ppl to make more of it

What will your attendance be, can we rely on you to be there for progression? Are there any factors that may impede you to attend that we should know about?
Yes my attendance would be close to 100%, i would not say 100% because i never know what will happen in future and i might miss raid because of some irl job things or any other serious irl issues. But yes im applaying cause i can attend raids

Are you familiar with being in a Mythic raiding guild and the environment. Are you familiar with rotating people and ”benching”’. What are your thoughts on this?
Yes im familiar with benching, for me benching is normal thing to do as long everything is keept in normal/fair way to everyone

Please provide logs showing your competence as a player. If you don’t have any logs, please explain why.
I cant provide any log, because i dont have them... i dont have healing, because im atm main shadow


Do you have a functioning microphone?

Are you familiar using Teamspeak?
Yes I'm

Why do you wish to join Aetherium?
You have nice progress and what is very important 2days raid is what i like and you need healer as i see it, and raiding time is almost perfect for me!

How did you come across our Guild?

Last but not least

Why should we be accepting you to the guild? What makes you a better investment than other applicants? Sell yourself to us.
I think i said everything above in short term, now its up to you will you give me spot or not.
But im sure in my play style that i would make a good player for your raiding team. I hope we speak soon Smile
Heya, thanks for your application. We'll get back to you soon Smile
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I know its nothing special, but here are some logs of me shadow on last hc clear...
i only have that!
Hey Karazorel,

Unfortunately we decided to not offer you a trial spot in the guild and decline your application. Best of luck finding a suitable guild!
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