[Accepted] Krabbelkäfer- Holy priest
Personal Information

Name: Carmen

Age: 22

Nationality: German

Battletag: Nijura#2176

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do etc. 
well i'm just a grill trying to play this game ^^ irl i'm stuying meteorology in my second semester soon. most of my free time i'm spending in this game, but i also like to travel a lot which is not rly a problem cause i just can take my laptop with me everywhere.
 the only think i would say that i'm open minded and rly ambitous. i'm not rly good at talking about myslef so i would just say better to find out who and how i am while talking and raiding.

Character Information

Name: Krabbelkäfer

Class: Holy priest

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/de-de/charac...k%C3%A4fer

Mainspec (artifact traits): 78

Offspec (artifact traits): 73

Why do you play this class and role?   -well as i started at the end of draenor i couldnt find out what healer i could play else, but its a lot of fun and i love the way how my master works and that i can support other healers with my big hymn and supporting in killing bosses in general. 

Explain your reasoning behind your character choices (why did you pick your current talents and what gearing/stat priority do you go for)

1Tier : Enlightnement - it juts the best choise i can make , cause most of the fights are very long and to have more mana at the whole fight is never a bad choise espacially for raidhealing 

2.Tier : Angelic feathers - makes myself more mobile and gives me the oppotunity to help others to to get away or even fast back to the spot they should be 

3.Tier: Afterlife - makes me heal a lot more cause there could be situiation like i have no mana anymore ( what should not rly happen when everything goes how it shoud be )and have to kill myself on purpose i can just heal for much longer in my spirit form . and the other talents are juts not relevant in at all in raids

4.Tier: Light of the naaru - place a big role in my healing and is a good combination to my t20 set i still have to farm. it just makes the use of my holy words a lot smoother

5.Tier: Binding Heal(atm) - its rly worth using it manawise. the most healing with less manausage 
          Piety - would be a good choice to if i would be more comfotatble with my manausage, cause most of my healing comes from renew and my prayer of mending                      just gets renew on target without even doting targets ( with a talents that i will mention later)

6.Tier: Divinity : cause i use my holy word real often and having a 15% healing increase is juts a rly strong choise

7.Tier: Benediction : juts is the talent i choose , cause it cause prayer of mendung by jumping to the next target maybe leaving a renew on the target which happens quite often                and alows me to keep it on the tanks at all time. and with my bis traits on the relics, that i have a 42% chance that prayer of mending doesnt consume one charge, its rly              the choise to go, cause aoe dmg is just happening in most of the fights

intellect is priority for me, so most of the gear i get in heigher ilvl are just better than the once lower with perfect stats. but i need to keep i mind to have at least 17% haste and max of 20% ( but regularing this with my rings ), my mastery is on 47 % now which is fine and i aim for atleast having my crit above 35% which makes my mastery even better.

but basically i aim for crit/mastery items and correct my stats with rings

i'm also still using 4 set of tos and trying to pug this raid every week if possible  to upgrade the pieces. and to that the 2 set of antorus 

Give us some examples of how your class and/or talent choices makes you more valuable on specific encounters.

holy priest are pretty strong in terms of aoe dmg fight, cause if the benediction talent, divinity and my trait in my weapon that after using my holy word: sanctify my prayer of healing heal is increased by some %,  and also on single target healing with the big single target heals as Holy word: serenity .
most valubale are holy priest with not much movement required, cause we dont have much spells we can use while running around and not beeing able to stand still.


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience: - i started raiding and really playing this game with the start of legion, but started raiding mythic in middle of nighthold
 nighthold : 5/10 m 
 tos. 6/9 m
 antorus: 3/11 m

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team? - i'm sticking to the tacts my guild is telling me how its the best and trying to give my best to support my team in killing bosses

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities? -i'm reading alot of guides and learing from my logs to make things go better with my healing . also contacting other holy priest in the rankings to get some information how to get better and answering my questions about stats and how to heal with specific combs of healers

What will your attendance be, can we rely on you to be there for progression? Are there any factors that may impede you to attend that we should know about? - my attendence was alwas good since i started raiding. and since i got a laptop i can still raid while beeing on the road somewhere Smile

Are you familiar with being in a Mythic raiding guild and the environment. Are you familiar with rotating people and ”benching”’. What are your thoughts on this? - well its never nice to get benched, but i understand the fact that we're still human and you cant be there everytime or if something happens you just need replacments . but i also had the experience of ppl getting benched every raid and feeling betrayed and noone is giving them information if they ever get raiding again or not. but basically i have not rly a problem with that , just when i'm a trial and fear to not get taken, i feel a bit akward about beeing benched eventho it just might be the comb you wanna run some bosses.

Please provide logs showing your competence as a player. If you don’t have any logs, please explain why.
i have to say they are not good but still looking forward to get better


Do you have a functioning microphone? . yes. i have

Are you familiar using Teamspeak? -yes

Why do you wish to join Aetherium? -i want to join cause of some issues i have with my current guild. and just aim to get better in this game and thats not gonna happen if ppl are not taking raiding serious , cause no matter how good to trying to play with too many ppl just dont give a fuck there is no point anymore trying to carry some boosted animals and thats not teamwork anymore. and not even officers or the gm is doing anythign against these ppl even if the get calles out every raid they are still there.

How did you come across our Guild? - the gm added me and offered me to apply to this guild 

Last but not least

Why should we be accepting you to the guild? What makes you a better investment than other applicants? Sell yourself to us.

i'm someone loving to follow leads. i'm doing my best to fullfill their wishes and not be the weakest player in the group . aiming for even beeing the best if i can manage that . i'm very ambitious, a really good teamplayer and hate drama all the way, which i had to experience way to often -.- i'm open for comment on my healing and how to make it better. i even would appriciate that a lot. 

i hope you liked my application . never had to write that much and my english is maybe not the best. 
English armory link here for reviewing purposes ; https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/charac...k%C3%A4fer
As discussed, accepted for trial. Awaiting transfer.
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