Guild Update 2 - Antorus
Hey everyone,

Before anything else... Kil'Jaeden is finally dead!

Looking back at Tomb of Sargeras
I've been around in WoW for a long time and for me personally I can safely say that the road to defeat Kil'Jaeden was one of the hardest I've experienced so far. Between bosses being very difficult and unforgiving mechanically, having more stringent setup requirements and general management of the roster and the guild as a whole, Tomb of Sargeras as a raid took a lot of energy out of me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I think we can all be very pleased and proud of what we've achieved as a guild in this expansion so far. We've seen a lot of people come and go. We've seen competitor guilds crash and burn from the stress of raiding or fail to manage a Mythic capable roster. I won't pretend as if we haven't faced some challenges ourselves either, but in the end we've not only persevered but we've also consistently improved our world ranks from top 2000 at the end of Emerald Nightmare to top 500 at the end of Tomb of Sargeras.

Looking ahead to Antorus
Antorus will be releasing on Wednesday, the 29th of November in Europe, and there's some things we need to address beforehand.

As is common with ever tier some people take breaks and some people return to raiding

Hairysailor - Tank - Stopped raiding, fed up with WoW.
Fourtet - Healer - Stopped raiding, playing casually with friends.
Freymage - Dps - Unavailable till Antorus, finally decided to send in his PC for repairs.
Droodmeister - Dps - Left guild, upset he didn't get the Kil'Jaeden kill.

Rellic + Woolley - Dps - Returning on their enhancement shamans.

Taking into account new recruits + returning people we are stable numbers wise. However it's immediatly evident that we've lose some important people/roles which are not as easy to replace. The obvious priority right now will be to recruit an additional tank to take over Hairysailor's role for Antorus. There's sevaral options I will be exploring ranging from current members rerolling to recruiting an entirely new tank to the guild. I will hold a tank recruit to higher standards than a regular recruit due to the fact that this role is of such importance to a raiding team.

There's some people that have expressed an interest in rerolling their class for the next tier and have asked what the official stance on that is.

Generally speaking, [color color=red]yes you are allowed to reroll to a different class[/color]. However having said that, this is something that needs to be discussed. We can't have 10 people reroll to survival hunters and not expect us to run into any roster issues.

If you want to reroll:
1) Discuss feasibility with Yserea
2) Have a plan for levelling/gearing/legendaries (to what extent do you need assistance?)
3) At risk of sounding authoritatian here... have it discussed and approved by November 22nd of November

If you fail to adhere to these 3 ''rules'' I cannot guarantee that you will be able to raid Mythic Antorus with your prefered character/class.

Raiding untill Antorus is not cancelled but will be [color color=red]100% optional[/color]. People are obviously free to raid, but realisticly speaking it's unlikely a solid Mythic run will be formed.

Looking at some of the people taking a break; a main tank, Blood DK for KJ and a main healer, going for a Kil'Jaeden rekill will be difficult at best. I've personally maintained a 100% attendance for over a year now and I am taking a break till Antorus releases on the 29th. This will also give me the necessary time to dedicate to recruitment and roster restructuring.

Any questions, comments or feedback? Take them up with me directly!
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