[Accepted] 11/13M Mistweaver Monk
Personal Information

Name: Leyla

Age: 26

Nationality:Dutch/Spanish but live in Sweden Big Grin

Battletag: Valkyry#1682

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a 26 years young and Live close to Stockholm Sweden, I have a dog called Sif who is my baby Smile
studying to be a chef. currently working. I like to hang out with friends, go to the cinema, have walks with my dog and play games. and I love to travel and eat all different kinds of food Smile

Character Information

Name: Fuzzypeach

Class: Monk

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ra...ach/simple

Mainspec: Mistweaver

Offspec: Windwalker but honestly I am not good with it, but willing to learn if need be.

Why do you play this class and role?

I've always loved to heal, I started on a paladin way back in the days where I had retri and healing gear on :') mind I was 16 and just started so I had no idea what I was doing. then I played a holy priest and disc priest and now in this expansion I made a MW Monk because the raiding team needed more healers so I rerolled from a hunter which in all fairness I was not enjoying. I think monk is one of the most versatile and fun healers as of yet, such great mobility and different from the other healers altho they no removed chi so we are kinda all the same now tho I still love my monk and would love to continue to raid with her.


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:

I've played for about 8/9 years now starting raiding properly in BT I managed to get into the best guild of server at the time, unfortunately my computer thought it was funny to disconect every boss pull so I stepped down as I did not see this would benefit anyone untill. I got a new computer, I have always raided with some breaks here and there but I have basicly seen all raids except for MoP that is where I stopped playing as I did not like the expansion, I came back in the end of MoP, me and my then fiance made a guild called Singularity on Ragnaros EU Horde side for this expansion I stayed with them untill 11/13M and then stepped down as gm/officer and also stopped raiding as I was burnt out from all the responsibilities and irl together. they are now a 13/13M guild and i am super proud Smile there is no spot for me right now so I am looking to find a good and fair guild I can call my home Smile

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?
I think with my experience in game overall I could be a really good asset to a guild/raid team.
I always try to think outside the box with any tactics and do allot of research on any boss encounters. I always come prepared with anything that I need, I am never late unless something happens. I am reliable and loyal.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities? I research my class all the time, I think I can always learn, I think I can always do better.
I do not mind asking other people for help or why they think this talent is better and why they chose it to learn potentially new things and experiment.


Do you have a functioning microphone?
Yes I do

Are you familiar using Teamspeak?

Yes I am

Why do you wish to join Aetherium?

I scrolled around the forums and came across this guild, first off all it is hard to find decent guilds that raid two nights a week, also what I read about you guys being close as a group and doing other things besides raid times that is also something we have in Singularity and that is what I am looking for. I do not want to be in a guild where there are 400 members who do not help each other and do not say anything to each other.

How did you come across our Guild?

I saw your add on WoW forums recruitment ^^

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/118508 I could only find the guild i was in on warcraft logs.

I transferred and faction changed twice and cant seem to find my own logs anymore :/

I stop raiding around March. so you will need to go back untill then! sorry for the trouble
Hey Fuzzypeach, thank you for the application. We will get back to you shortly.

On an completely different topic: what, as your professional opinion, is the best type of pizza available in sweden? Now this is important so do take the time and effort to answer it with care.
erhm xD I honestly have not eaten allot of pizza here D: ive noticed allot of people eat kebab pizza with Bea sauce :')
Kebaba pizza is the correct answer, however the bea sauce is no bueno. Should be garlic.
Well then you havnt tasted my Bea! which is bueno! but I agree, firstly the butter Bea you get everywhere is horrible. and second Garlic sauce ftw. also I am trying to get current logs but... I am not having much luck getting into decent mythic groups :/
Kroyfel has managed to retrieve your older logs: Click.

Aside from that, after discussing your application and reviewing your logs we'd like to extend you an invitation to our guild after having a short chat with you on Teamspeak 3 with some of our officers.

Feel free to contact me or Yserea in game to see if we can find a time and date appropriate for you, as a suggestion from our side tomorrow the 28th of July at 19:00 would work, if you'd like a different date please let us know! Smile
oh good work on the logs Smile

I guess I could do a chat if I must Tongue

tomorrow 19:00 seems fine. but if tomorrow night is the last raid night before expansion ( which in that case id like to come to ofcourse ) shouldnt we do it sooner than later since I need to faction-server change which might take awhile?
It can be done now if you have time, I will send you some further information on Battlenet Smile .
[color color=green]Accepted[/color]
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