[Declined] droodmeister - boomie
Personal Information

Name: Alex

Age: 22

Nationality: Norwegian

Battletag: AlexOP#2163

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do etc.

I'm Alex, nothing interseting about me what so ever. I used to go out, but sincei started playing wow again, thats not a thing anymore. I do nothing more than sit at my computer and rot away at the moment, might need help(?)

Character Information

Name: droodmeister

Class: druid

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/charac...oodmeister

Mainspec (artifact traits): 58

Offspec (artifact traits): 51

Why do you play this class and role?

I have no fucking clue, used to like it, then they brought legendaries into the mix, and guess what, i dont get any useful ones. But this is what ive been comitting to this tier, so guess ill have to stick with it.

Explain your reasoning behind your character choices (why did you pick your current talents and what gearing/stat priority do you go for)

I follow whatever the top boomies go for, as far as i can. Simming now and then aswell.

Give us some examples of how your class and/or talent choices makes you more valuable on specific encounters.

The only significant fights are those with sustained aoe and/or cleave. Qith the right legendaries you get the best of both worlds.

Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:

Started "serious" raiding in dragonsoul, pretty much only been raiding the end tiers since then, except MoP and Legion, where i also raided the first raids.

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?

I'm a fairly fast learner and im not afraid to admit to whatever i did wrong and to fix it.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?

Hard question, i look at top dps logs and look out for current metas, wheter or not im always capable to replicate it 100% is another thing.

What will your attendance be, can we rely on you to be there for progression? Are there any factors that may impede you to attend that we should know about?

As for now, there is very little that can come in the way of me showing up to raids. The only thing being the usual family stuff and/or trips.

Are you familiar with being in a Mythic raiding guild and the environment. Are you familiar with rotating people and ”benching”’. What are your thoughts on this?

Yes, i am.

Please provide logs showing your competence as a player. If you don’t have any logs, please explain why.



Do you have a functioning microphone?


Are you familiar using Teamspeak?


Why do you wish to join Aetherium?

I mainly play wow at this point to play with friends, and there is none of my friends left in this guild, and since freymage is in yours, id like to switch.

How did you come across our Guild?


Last but not least

Why should we be accepting you to the guild? What makes you a better investment than other applicants? Sell yourself to us.

I'm always open to criticism and/or tips on what i could do differently. I'm always looking for solutions to fix whatever there is im having trouble with, either when to save cooldowns, if there is something i should do differently in my rotation etc. Especially since i hate being on the bottom of the dps meter.
Hey there,

If you can't bother to make a proper application then we can't be bothered to trial you.

Good luck.
[Image: VYWPRir.gif]
If it's the bit about me and my class youre referring, i thought you might take it with a grain of salt. What i wrote about myself is actually true, i do nothing more than sit at my computer, i just tried to be funny. Not my strongest side i guess. About the class and role, i might have left out that i prefer the dps role because i find it easier and more fun. The no fucking clue part was meant as a joke aswell, since i'd prefer to play another class, but i was asked to apply with my druid since its the best geared one at the moment.

If there is anything else you feels is not proper, youll have to point it out for me, and ill asnwer it differently, if thats the case.
Hey Droodmeister!

As sad as the Legendary system may be at the moment it's good to see you sticking with one class for the time being. And eventually you will get the ones you desire.

We'll be reviewing your application and will get back to you shortly, in the meantime if you have anything to add feel free to do so.
I'd like to add that as much as i want to reroll at this point, i wouldnt do so if it meant i was the one delaying progress due to lack of gear on said reroll. Thats why i try to keep whatever class id like to reroll on par with gear, doing hc runs etc. I've got no problems with boomie itself, its just that i fall so behind on AoE without the legendaries, and there's so many fights in this raid that benefit from it. And seeing the logs on the fights with heavy aoe, where i do so low parses due to not having the legendaries for it, is what making me not want to play the class atm. Of course, me not having the right legendaries isnt all, i do mistakes, mess up rotation due to being in the wrong spot/mechanics etc. But in considering the spells cast and dot uptime, lack of the right legendaries do play a big role in the dps loss.
Hey Droodmeister,

After reviewing your application we're unfortunately not going to offer you a trial position with us.
We hope you find a guild that suits you and wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.
I see, well, since im without a guild now then, would a social spot be available? And then perhaps work my way up to a trial spot when its available? Seeing as i think you still took the part of me joking about my personal/class choice information seriously, i'd like to ask for a social spot to work my way up, if thats whats needed to prove myself. And if i may ask, what made you decide not to trial me? My application itself, my lack of the good legendaries or my logs? Just would like to know what to improve on if the trial opportunity would come. If there is anything else you'd like me to add, information or otherwise, please let me know.
Hey Droodmeister,

First impressions are important and when applying to any guild that raids Mythic on a limited time schedule (7 hours a week divided over two nights) we have to look at how good of an investment an applicant to the guild would be. As this case would have it that first impression was somewhat negative due to the unstable and jester-like fashion in which the application was written.

We are understanding towards people who've not been lucky enough to get their best Legendaries as of yet, for whichever reason (this also clarifies the part about logs as in not able to get orange numbers due to Legendaries), we more so care about the player and their attitude - gear can be gathered, an individual's attitude is something people usually carry with them for extended periods of time.

You're more than welcome to join us as a Social feel free to contact me in game if you want further information or clarification.

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