[Accepted - Social] Nethilian - Havoc Demon Hunter
First of all. I'm applying for a social spot in the guild.

Personal Information

Name: Andre

Age: 29

Nationality: Norwegian

Battletag: Methilian#2142

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do etc.
I'm a 29 year old man from Norway who spend my time working as an IT consultant, working out at the gym, watching Netflix and playing computer games mostly WoW.

Character Information

Name: Nethilian

Class: Demon Hunter

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/charac.../nethilian

Mainspec (artifact traits): Havoc (59)

Offspec (artifact traits): Vengeance (52)

Why do you play this class and role?
I've always prefered to play the DPS role as I never wanted the responsibility of tanking raids and healing always seemed sort of like whack-a-mole with health bars. I always strive to keep myself high on the damage meters but I don't get tunnel vision during fights because I know a dead DPS does 0 DPS.
I used to main a rogue but switched to Demon Hunter when Legion launched as it was the class I always wanted to play in WoW since the beta started and there where roumors about hero classes long before they finally arrived.

Explain your reasoning behind your character choices (why did you pick your current talents and what gearing/stat priority do you go for)
I picked my current talents because that's the talent choices that will pull the most damage in raid situations. I always base my stat priority on stat weights from simulations I run on myself. I usually run sims after every item upgrade since I don't get them that often anyway.

Give us some examples of how your class and/or talent choices makes you more valuable on specific encounters.
Well currently the only example I can think of is Netherwalk talent for soaking mechanics like on Kil'Jaeden. In general the Demon Hunter class is very mobile so if an encounter requires high mobility Demon Hunters could be favourable.


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:
I've only raided seriously during Vanilla and WotLK.
In Vanilla I raided all the raids from MC and Onyxia to Naxxramas. I quit raiding because of real life priorities towards the end of Naxxramas (never killed 4 horsemen and the 2 bosses after). At the time I was part of a fairly competitive guild (top 5 guild on the Daggerspine/Kazzak servers).
During TBC I served in the army and could not commit to any time slots because of that, so I only did the occasional Kharazan run and, mostly failed, PUGs for the other raids.
In WotLK I raided from release (Naxx, Eye, Sartharion) until the time before Trial was released. At that point I wanted to focus more on school and other real life things.

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?
When I commit to raiding in WoW I will do what I can to learn how encounters work and how my class works so that I can peform the best I can. I try to spot my own weaknesses and patch them so that I can continue to improve my performance.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?
I read class forums, class discord, sim my character and try to be councious of what I do during raid encounters or dungeon runs.

What will your attendance be, can we rely on you to be there for progression? Are there any factors that may impede you to attend that we should know about?
I'm applying for a social spot for now. If I apply for a raider spot in the future I will be reliable as I have no commitments other than regular work hours.

Are you familiar with being in a Mythic raiding guild and the environment. Are you familiar with rotating people and ”benching”’. What are your thoughts on this?
I have not raided since WotLK but I'm familier with rotating people and I know it's necessary for multiple reasons like building the best roster for an encounter, making sure people don't feel left out, making sure the people who perform the best are part of the roster and such. I think it's a perfectly fine concept for a guild who are serious about raiding.

Please provide logs showing your competence as a player. If you don’t have any logs, please explain why.

Heroic ToS pug:

My first and second heroic KJ kills (PUG raids):


Do you have a functioning microphone?

Are you familiar using Teamspeak?

Why do you wish to join Aetherium?
Until a couple of days ago I played in the guild I played in during vanilla. Unfortunately the guild is currently in a state in which I can't achive what I want to do in this game (do M+ dungeons without finding the rest of the group in group finder, clear heroic difficulty raid content). And because of that I'm now looking for a new guild to join.
Because I want to be part of a community in WoW and also so I can get groups for things like Mythic+ dungeons or Heroic difficulty raids a bit easier.

How did you come across our Guild?
By looking up guilds on The Maelstrom on WoWProgress and seeing you took in socials as well as raiders.

Last but not least

Why should we be accepting you to the guild? What makes you a better investment than other applicants? Sell yourself to us.
I will bring a mindset which I belive a mythic raiding guild would appreciate. I always strive to better myself in WoW and do what is necessary to achieve that. I will also try to be a social player by which I mean play with other guildies, chat in guild chat, participate in discussions, helping out if needed even if it doesn't directly benefit myself.
Hey Andre,

You're welcome to join us as a social. Feel free to whisper either myself or an officer ingame for an invite.

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