[Accepted] Gorgurtz's Application
Personal Information

Name: Josh

Age: 27

Nationality: British

Battletag: Gorgurtz#2574

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I work 5 days a week at a company that is involved in the print industry. I love gaming, music and football, I follow England and Liverpool much to my despair lol XD I am also a big fan of the Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) series and I read a bit of manga here and there as well.

Character Information

Name: Gorgurtz

Class: Hunter

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/te...rtz/simple

Mainspec: Marksmanship

Offspec: Beast Mastery

Why do you play this class and role?: I have been playing as a hunter since The Burning Crusade. I have played all 3 speccs for at least an expansion each. BM in TBC, SV in WoTLK and Cata. SV/BM in MoP and MM in WoD. I love(d) the class and found it really fun either as a group or solo. I don't really have a preference for which specc I play though my favorite probably was the old Survival specc, RIP. With the changes in Legion I cant say I have a favourite or, sadly, do I really like them but MM is looking quite good numbers wise so we shall see.


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience: My first raid was back in Kara, TBC in my newbie days and a few attempts in Naxx and Sartharion in WoTLK but I didnt start to raid seriously til Cata when I joined my current guild. We did bits of Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight. In MoP we cleared Mogushan Vaults, did atleast up to Garalon in Heart of Fear, up to Lei Shei in Terrace, struggled in ToT and only did up to Tortos a few times and finally up to Thok in SoO. Warlords has really been a struggle with lack of numbers for our guild so progress has been very limited, 3 bosses dead in Highmaul and a Kargath kill on hc if I remember right. Pretty much nothing in Blackrock, was where we really lost people and could not raid, finally HFC we got up to Archimonde on norm and up to and pass the council on heroic.

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?: I tend do quite well on my hunter and can squeeze some good numbers most of the time that usually leave me at the top of the dps charts with a healthy gap or at the worst second or third. I also read up and watch boss guides and try to either through my mic or chat tell the raid about certain mechanics that we maybe messing up on and highlight them through the dungeon jounral. As a hunter, although this will/has changed now I also was on CC duties and sometimes are required to kite for certain situations. I also do a lot set individual tasks for the raid in certain fights, conveyor belt in SoO and the Garalon run etc. I also have a 100 on every class and I am happy to take them all raiding if the opportunities aries. My 2 main alts are a healer (resto druid) and a tank (prot paladin) and I am happy to switch to them if I am not needed to dps.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?: I try to watch alpha/beta videos when a new xpac comes out as I have never been lucky enough to get into them and I find them to help me understand the class when new changes come across. I do play abit in the PTR when it is open to test things out, which I have been doing leading up to Legion. There are also a few sites/guides that I have come to trust to an extent and use as a base platform to potentially build upon though I may change and tweak them to fit my play style, stat priority, talents maybe etc. I do test on dummies as well to see how the tweaks fit and feel.


Do you have a functioning microphone?: Yes

Are you familiar using Teamspeak?: Not really, our guild has a Vent server but I am sure I will be fine with it, I have used Vent, Discord and Skype so I sure I will get a hang of it.

Why do you wish to join Aetherium?: Out of the 2 options that I had for joining when looking for a new guild, Aetherium by extension of Nuevah, came across very well and very friendly. Very similar to my own guild back when we could fill out the raids but with more progression on Aetherium's part hehe. On a personal level I just wanted a fresh start in Legion as this next xpac is/was a crossroads for WoW for me and I really wanted to give it ago which I could not do presently, Aetherium allows me to do that while being not to serious and down to earth. They ticked all my boxes, especially with the potential to bring over possibly some of my old guildies whether it be for raid reason or purely for the social and togetherness aspect which I really appreciated.

How did you come across our Guild?: I created a post on the WoW LF PvE Players forums and was approached by 6 guilds, I had a good chat with Nuevah who replied to the thread and contacted him through the post using Bnet.

Sorry for the wall of text XD
Thank you Gorgurtz for your application. We are will get back to you soon.
Hey Josh,

I've been going over your warcraftlogs a little bit and just had a few questions regarding the following logs, merely interested in why certain decisions were made.

Log 1 - Was there a specific reason to use Glaive Toss here, instead of Power Shot? The lack of Heroism is possibly explained due to the death of the shaman, Drums of Fury could have been an example for an alternative method.

Log 2 - Was there a specific reason why the Legendary Ring seemingly was used only once? In addition to that was there a specific reason to use Heroism that late in the fight?

Log 3 - Was there a specific reason to not use the ring during Heroism?

These are just some cherry-picked examples of incidents which cause questions to jump to my mind, I'd love to hear your input on them Smile.
On log 1 they did use Drums of Fury about 8 seconds in. Looks like Drums of Fury doesn't show up as a blue field on the graph. He forgot to use 2nd dps potion tho.

On log 2 he used legendary ring 4 times, each time synced up with his Rapid Fire and orc racial.

On log 3 they used Drums of Fury. It didn't sync up with ring or his cds, but it did sync up with fel rage which it looks like he got on him.
Good point there Kroy, not sure why Warcraftlogs messes it up like that, possibly because it's a consumable? Regardless Shaman Heroism is a stronger buff, at this point the Shaman was fully alive.

In regards to log 2, it's weird it isn't shown in the link I provided, as for example for us: Link it is.

According to This different view of Log 3, the Ring was used at two minutes in as well, according to This link it was not (or did not hit any targets), my fault for blindly trusting old Logs I guess. In addition there shouldn't be any Fel Rage on this fight as it's Kilrogg and not Council?

In conclusion, my bad Josh, the only thing I do wonder is the Glaive Toss instead of Power shot, however with those talents being no longer relevant I guess so is the question. Especially after Kroy's corrections.
Oh right I must have looked at the wrong thing. Anyway on Kilrogg it looks like ring and cool downs are used during heroism. Maybe whoever popped wasn't in range of anything when it exploded
Apologies if the warcraftlogs are abit weird and all over the place. I forgot to upload them and had to split them all due to size, I prefer MrRobot for ease though it lacks the depth warcraftlogs have.

For glaive I just personally prefer it over powershot nothing more nothing less. I know its highly recommended once you get all the tier bonuses but its just a play style thing for me.

As for BL we have a too busy/lazy shammy healer who dosent get round to it when they should sadly hence why I had to resort to the drums occasionally, and probably forgetting to use them as it shoulndt normally be my job Sad

And no worries, nice to see some critique Smile
These may or may not paint a better picture of me and our raids lol XD


Hopefully the link should work.
[color color=green]Accepted[/color]
Feel free to contact any of the officers ingame for a guild invite.
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