2016 Christmas/Holidays - The plan
Hey everyone,

As the year is almost over we're entering a month with traditionally a lot of activities for people and downtime for guilds. I'm sure most if not all of you will be celebrating the holidays, christmas, new years etc. with your family and may want to take a break from raiding then to accomodate your busy schedules. What are we going to do about raiding?

As far as I'm concerned we don't need to have an official christmas break and cancel raids ahead of time. If we have 20 people available and willing to raid, and the right composition, there's no reason not to raid.

Having said that, it's perfectly understandable if people are unable to raid at certain days the coming few weeks due to holidays or other (family) obligations Wink

It would be appreciated if everyone could leave a reply to this thread with their plans for the holidays, for example if you're going away for a few weeks to visit family, so we can plan accordingly ahead of time.

Additionally if you feel that our ''plan'' for the holidays is unsound and have feedback on it, don't hesitate to let me know.
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I'm away from December 16 until 2nd or 3rd of January. Should be back for raid on the 4th.

If less than 20 people are available for raid then heroic ToV is a good alternative I think.
I think that from the 19th to the 1st I'll be playing less the game, so I've just put me on tentative during those days after that I'll be back like usual.
I'm only away 24th to the 26th

gg no lifer
I am away 14th until the 26th/27th. I am planing on taking my computer with me but I'm not sure how much time I'll get to use it.
I am not going anywhere except beeing home with family so if there is a raid day and enough people I can raid =)
[quote quote=969]I’m away from december 16 until 2nd or 3rd of december. Should be back for raid on the 4th.

If less than 20 people are available for raid then heroic ToV is a good alternative I think.


Shit Kroy we can't miss you for the whole of 2017, I got lockboxes and shit. Can't you come back in like February at the latest or something? The 6th is my birthday if you want to get me a mount or anything, check my armory for ones I aint got yet.
I'm away from the 22nd till the 3rd.
im here any day to raid. Raid on the 25th? no problem Big Grin! haha
I'm less likely to be online between 16th Dec and 2nd Jan, (especially the week of Christmas) I will use the calendar in game to specify if I'm able to join or not.

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