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[Declined] Xife - MM Hunter - Xife - 28-02-2018

Personal Information

Name: Nikki

Age: 25

Nationality: Israeli

Battletag: Funky#22297

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do etc.
So I'm Nikki, been living in Israel most of my life. My 2 top hobbies were always video games and music, I play the bass guitar since 14 years old and I had a pretty big band here in Israel (if anyone would like I can send few links ^^). My first game ever was Warcraft 2 and since then I fell in love with the franchise, after WoW came out I was hooked and started playing it in 2005. Until today it's my favorite game by far =)

Character Information

Name: Xife

Class: Hunter

Armory: (hunter) (old ret)

Mainspec (artifact traits): Marksmanship, 75 (close to 76)

Offspec (artifact traits): BM (didn't have time to invest on it too much since I always liked MM more, but if needed I can get it to 75 in no time)

Why do you play this class and role?
I've been playing hunter since tbc, it's always been my favorite class. I find myself very comfortable with it and I enjoy it the most.

Explain your reasoning behind your character choices (why did you pick your current talents and what gearing/stat priority do you go for)
I always make sure to be up to date even in the beta testing, I always check the class discord/icy veins guides and make sure to be in touch with other mythic lvl hunters.
Regarding the talents, gear and stats I make sure to sim myself every time I get a new piece of gear.

Give us some examples of how your class and/or talent choices makes you more valuable on specific encounters.
For example on high command fight, the adds there cannot be cc'd or stunned, but they can be knocked back with bursting shot, this is useful to put them in melee range to add more cleave dmg.
On garothi I can soak alone with aspect of the turtle.
Wyvern Sting/Binding Shot is useful on adds in the coven fight.
Can give more examples if needed. 


Tell us a little bit about your raiding experience:
I loved raiding since the end of vanilla, but I really started doing hc raiding in wotlk. 
In the recent expansion I played mostly ret paladin and did mythic raiding mostly with him, did 7/9 tos mythic with him but then had to take a break due to military service.

What makes you a valuable asset to a raiding team?
I know how to keep calm during high pressure situations (I've been an ambulance driver in the military, know a thing or two about staying calm hehe). 
Always make sure to be positive and try to raise moral when needed.

What steps do you take to ensure you play your class to the full extent of its capabilities?
As I've mentioned above I sim myself regularly, I tend to stay in touch with other skilled hunters, and I always make sure to test things myself.

What will your attendance be, can we rely on you to be there for progression? Are there any factors that may impede you to attend that we should know about?
I've seen the raiding days and they suit me. I can attend them without any problems.
If any emergency comes up I'll always make sure to let you know few days in advance like normal people should do. 

Are you familiar with being in a Mythic raiding guild and the environment. Are you familiar with rotating people and ”benching”’. What are your thoughts on this?
It's a normal thing and I have no problems with it.

Please provide logs showing your competence as a player. If you don’t have any logs, please explain why.
Please note that this is my old ret which I was playing mostly this expansion, I switched to hunter as my main now.
Most of my logs are from tos/nh mythic


Do you have a functioning microphone?
Are you familiar using Teamspeak?
Why do you wish to join Aetherium?
I've been in contact with Diamma and he seemed super nice, I did a few mythic+ with a warlock called meatboi, I had really good vibes from both of them and I really liked what I've seen in your website.
How did you come across our Guild?
I've met Diamma and I was wondering if you guys are recruiting

Last but not least

Why should we be accepting you to the guild? What makes you a better investment than other applicants? Sell yourself to us.
I'm super nice to people who are nice to me. I always make sure to try and help those who are in need, if it's weekly m+ or whatever (I have plenty of boosting experience).
I'm very chill and can make you laugh with my dirty mind ^_^ 

RE: Xife - MM Hunter - Yserea - 05-03-2018

Not exactly what we're looking for. Declined.